Sunfish tin 15g
Sunfish tin 15g

Sunfish tin 15g

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MADE FOR A PURPOSE - block out the sun by providing a physical barrier against harmful UVA/UVB rays.  For extended surfing sessions - stay out longer.  Goes on smoothly and stays on so well you'll need a wipe to take off.

We only use the most natural ingredients to give you a chemical-free sunblock:

Non-nano Zinc Oxide - has a long history of use as a broad spectrum sun protection.  Shielding you from both UVB rays which cause sunburn and UVA rays which penetrate more deeply.

Fair Trade Certified Organic Coconut Oil - nourishes your skin while blocking out the sun with it's own natural SPF

Fair Trade Certified Cacao Powder - Sustainably farmed. Boosts your skin's antioxidant protection against UV radiation.

Safe for all ages.  Non-toxic to you and the marine environment.  Reef safe.  Locally made in Australia.

For best protection apply an even visible layer.  It works as a physical barrier so you want to see it.  Sunfish stays where you apply it and won't wash into your eyes.

We recommend to re-apply every 4 hours or so.

Active Ingredients: Extra Virgin Coconut Oil*, Non-nano Zinc Oxide*, locally sourced Bees Wax*, Cacao Powder*, Honey & Brown Ochra,* Carrot Seed Oil, Vitamin E.  *High Grade Organic Ingredients